Slymetrix Platform


Automatic connectors for incoming and outgoing data from Slymetrix platform.

Google Data Studio

Slymetrix Platform connects directly with Google Data Studio Reports using a data connector developed and published within the Google marketplace.

The connector is accessible and configurable by Business Partners (agencies), on behalf of E-Commerce customers and allows access to consolidated data for the production of performance analysis dashboards.


Through Zapier, it is possible to connect external data sources to Slymetrix platform and vice versa. For incoming data, it is possible to create connectors with Zapier that allow the daily population of the results of the projects (in the e-commerce sites) and the traffic lines with the information coming from the different traffic acquisition platforms of the Digital media channels. For outgoing data, consolidated Slymetrix data can be linked with any BI and Data Analysis system used.

The Business Partners (agencies), through a specific Slymetrix ZAP published in the Zapier marketplace, can create the necessary connectors for E-commerce customers in total autonomy.