Why is Slymetrix Analytics the most privacy-first  E-Commerce analytics?

  1. Privacy protection is our business model. We comply by design with all privacy policies. Including: GDPR, PECR, CCPA and more.
  2. Your data is always encrypted.
  3. We never, ever, ever store any personal data about your visitors. No cookie banners.
  4. We are an EU-based company with EU-based servers.
  5. You own your data. We don't sell any visitor data.


business analytics

Slymetrix Analytics is an online tool that tracks the actual visits and sales of your E-Commerce like any other Analytics System. In addition, it allows you to set periodic goals to relate them to your tracking data and monitor deviations.



Analyzes the E-Commerce performance in terms of sales, visits and turnover, relating them to the periodical goals.



Organize the Media Channels Inventory and Campaigns. Analyze the channels and active campaigns performance.

Main features


Like any analytics tool, Slymetrix monitors the traffic and sales of your eCommerce automatically by installing a simple TAG.


In 2 simple steps, you can set up annual and monthly targets for investment, traffic, sales and turnover for your eCommerce.


Intuitive dashboards allow you to monitor the achievement of previously set targets for visits, sales and turnover.


Understand at a glance whether you are meeting your investment and turnover forecasts. In this way, you will be able to promptly correct your strategies to ensure that you achieve your goals.


Schedule Communication Campaigns in the Digital Media Channels Inventory. Track traffic and evaluate the performance of individual Campaigns and related Media Channels.


Slymetrix Analytics gives you the ability to display the dashboard in 16:9 in real time so you can broadcast it live on a TV monitor.

Performance Indicators


Intuitive dashboards allow you to monitor the achievement of previously set targets for visits, sales and turnover.


Innovative proprietary performance indicator to assess traffic quality both in real time and in historical analysis.


Customizable performance indicators. To check the performance status in real time

Prospecting & Retargeting

Analyze the correct distribution of traffic between Prospecting (interest) and Retargeting (convince)

technical features


    Real and not simulated visits and sales data


    No IP tracking, cookies or fingerprints


    Complies with all GDPR, CCPA and PECR policies


    The tracking code installed on the e-commerce site is less than 1kb

  • FAST

    Optimised online interfaces for fast loading


    Certified and integrated into the Google Tag Manager marketplace


    Collection of only the data needed to evaluate performance


    With every PC and mobile browser thanks to the responsive template

  • SAFE

    Secure payment compatible with all credit cards via Stripe


    Multiple subscriptions configurable and scalable over time


    Experts available online for all your needs

Partners & Integrations

Easy to integrate into e-commerce platforms

Questions & Answers

Gabriele Taviani

CEO Founder

Excited to launch Slymetrix to the International Market! So, if you are ready to increase the sales of your E-Commerce, then Slymetrix is the ideal application for you!!

Who needs Slymetrix?

Slymetrix helps e-commerce companies to ensure the achievement of annual goals, in terms of sales and turnover.

Why is Slymetrix different from GA?

Unlike other analytics tools, Slymetrix knows the annual goals of your e-commerce. Thanks to this it shows you in real-time if your performances are sufficient to achieve the objectives.

How does it help improve Performance?

With performance indicators, it allows you to identify problems immediately, and to implement traffic purchase optimization strategies.

What are the unique features of Slymetrix?
  • Slymetrix is a Data Management tool and not just Data Analytics;
  • With data consolidation, Slymetrix shows dashboards with 100% correct information;
  • Thanks to the TAG in the Google Tag Manager (GTM) marketplace, Slymetrix can be configured on all e-commerce (Shopify, Woo-Commerce, Magento, etc.);
  • Performance dashboards are beautiful and easy to read;
  • With the Full-Screen function, the real-time dashboard can be streamed into a wall screen;

When do I start paying?

Slymetrix Analytics is free for everyone up to 10,000 pageviews per month. Once this limit is reached, after logging into the platform you will be asked to purchase a monthly or annual plan.

Do I need a credit card?

Up to 10,000 Pageviews absolutely NO. A credit card is required once you purchase a monthly or annual plan.

What features should e-commerce have?

None in particular. Slymetrix Analytics is good for any size of e-commerce.

is it easy to install?

It is, Slymetrix provides you with all the tools to help you: a guide and all the support you need with manuals, online requests and chat.

Is support included in the subscription?

Yes, it always is. Everyone can get support by opening tickets. Chat is restricted to users with a subscription.

What do I have to do to start tracking?

You must install the tracking TAG on your e-commerce site, either directly or via TAG Manager (pre-configured).

There are 3 different types of tags to install:

  • Tracking of all visits in all pages
  • Tracking of sales and receipts in the thank-you-pages
  • Event tracking, such as carts, landing pages, forms, conversions.
How do I upload results/objectives data?

Within the platform and its tracking site, we provide you with a simple and intuitive interface where you can define the accounting years and months in terms of forecasts: Visits, Sales, Turnover, Average Spend.

How do I upload advertising spend data?

From the very first versions, we provide you with a simple interface for uploading daily advertising expenditure balances (sum of all channels' expenditure).

We are working on including automatic connectors with the main digital media channels in the next updates in order to automatically import the average expenditure data.

How do I upload historical results?

You will be able to upload the results of all days from the beginning of the year to the day you start tracking, with a simple import tool and using an excel template file to transfer the data.

How does tracking work for channels and campaigns?

In the platform, you will find an easy interface that will allow you to configure your digital media channel inventory. 

Next, you will be able to create tracking campaigns and, in the campaign configuration tool, you will be asked to define the channel. 

Finally, you will have a configurator of the tracking link to be inserted in the ads of the digital media channels or just the tracking variables to be added to the destination link of the ads.

The system automatically configures the variables (as an alternative to the Google Analytics UTMs) that will allow traffic tracking and the attribution of visits to the designated channels and campaigns.

Do you provide training courses?

Yes, we do. In our online academy (free for e-commerce) you will find both courses on the use of the platform and special courses on E-commerce Marketing Data-Driven. In the academy, you can also interact with other students, teachers and experts.

Can I cancel a subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time, either Free or on a paid plan. The subscription will remain active until the end of the paid plan and, at the end, will delete all your data from the platform.

Can I export recorded data?

Yes, you can export traffic data recorded in the system at any time. This is recommended if you cancel your subscription.

Can I give more people access to the tool?

Absolutely, using the same credentials. In the first releases, you can only associate one user to each plan. We are working on allowing multi-user access to a plan.

Can I distribute dashboards?

In the configuration of each site included in your plan, you will be able to choose between three options for accessing the site's dashboards:

  • Private - You only see them once you are logged in;
  • Public - All users to whom you send the link to your dashboard will see them;
  • Password - Only users with the password you configure will be able to access them.
How do I configure the Wall Screen?

The wall screen is commonly a flat screen TV. The TV must either be a smartTV or have an adapter that allows it to surf the Internet with a browser.

Then, in the TV browser, you enter the url of your dashboard (public or password) and that's it.

We are developing the possibility of creating several rooms with a customised configuration of the graphics to be shown in each room. These will be optimised in 1280x720 format.