Professional Articles



01 April 2021

Online advertising is the heart of e-commerce: without it, the online shop would be like a vendor situated in the middle of a barren desert, with no people in sight. Online advertising means investing heavily in various digital media channels, and such investments must be programmed and controlled in order to achieve the expected investment/turnover ratio.


23 March 2021

What is the main goal of e-commerce marketing? Profit and growth demonstrated over time. The performance measure used to understand and analyze profit over time is called Return on Investment, or ROI. In e-commerce marketing, ROI analysis is usually alongside or preceded by Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). The key to increasing ROI/ROAS, and consequently profit performance, is attribution. Attribution calculates the return on investment for advertising media channels, which have developed user traffic in e-commerce.


12 March 2021

The success of the e-commerce budget course we launched earlier this year has confirmed that, to date, most Italian e-commerce companies have understood the importance and necessity of defining the e-commerce marketing budget. This course was introduced by a Netcomm Academy webinar and it attracted 160 members, including 110 live attendees in less than a month.