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Brief Description (50 words)

Slymetrix is ​​a Data-Driven ROI optimization technologic solution for e-commerce. Thanks to a proprietary methodology and a data management and conversion attribution platform, Slymetrix allows e-commerce and digital agencies to improve the effectiveness of investments in media channels, in order to increase sales and decrease the acquisition cost.

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Slymetrix is ​​a Data-Driven ROI optimization technologic solution for e-commerce. It consists of a proprietary methodology for the analysis and optimization of online sales results and a technological platform for data management, attribution and analysis. The platform is distributed through digital agencies that will integrate the technology with their consulting services, thus offering each e-commerce a unique and customized solution according to specific needs. Thanks to these tools, Slymetrix allows the optimization of investments in digital media channels to increase sales and decrease the acquisition cost.

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Slymetrix is ​​a Data-Driven ROI optimization technologic solution for e-commerce. Slymetrix consists of a proprietary methodology for the analysis and optimization of online sales results over time and an online technological platform. The latter is made up of 4 integrated components for budget planning, campaign planning, attribution and consolidation of traffic data and data analysis through dynamic dashboards. Slymetrix is ​​distributed to e-commerce companies through digital agencies, each of which represents a business partner. Agencies will have to integrate the technology provided by the platform to their consulting services, thus allowing the offering of a unique solution adapted to the reality of each e-commerce. The ultimate goal of Slymetrix is ​​to allow the optimization of ROI, to increase online sales and decrease the acquisition cost of the sales themselves.


Version - April 2021

Slymetrix was born in 2020 out of the desire of its founder, Gabriele Taviani, to offer tools and knowledge to bring e-commerce to success. His many years of experience as an e-commerce marketing director was the starting point for creating technological solutions that would help this sector respond to a fundamental need: optimising its performance and therefore its earnings.  

The startup is very young and was born in a year full of ferment and with a favourable climate for this type of business: in 2020, in fact, it is now clear that e-commerce has become a fundamental channel for all production and distribution activities, and the reference market is expanding rapidly. And it is precisely at such a crucial time that Slymetrix has brought to light a serious industry weakness: many e-commerce companies do not base their business on a programmatic basis. Even fewer formulate and update a marketing budget, which is essential because it highlights what is expected in terms of sales results and returns on investment.

Without planning and strategy, a business risks losing its way in the sea of online commerce. E-commerce businesses need to have tools that allow them to constantly monitor their performance, identify problems early on and simulate possible improvements following marketing optimisations. Only in this way can they act strategically and direct their operations towards profit optimisation.

In response to this need, the start-up company has developed a solution: Slymetrix Analytics, a tool that monitors the status of e-commerce traffic and sales in real-time in relation to planned objectives. It is a tool that allows every executive and operations manager to check, at a glance, the results of online sales in relation to the expected objectives for the period. 

It is smart and practical: it can be installed and configured in just a few minutes without the need for any specific technical skills. Thanks to intuitive dashboards, it shows in real-time the results of visits and sales that the online shop is producing. In addition, with special indicators, you can see at a glance whether performance is good or bad. Slymetrix Analytics also offers the possibility of displaying dashboards in 16:9 so that they can be transmitted live on a TV monitor: if placed in your office, it allows you to quickly check the real-time performance during the course of the day.

The advanced versions also allow the definition of advertising campaigns in the various digital media channels, building an inventory of channels organised by traffic provider. Once the definition is complete, for each channel of each campaign the platform generates a tracking url, through which it will be possible to monitor the performance of the campaigns and those of the digital media channels. 

The platform is now in the beta testing phase, during which continuous improvements are being made also thanks to users feedback so that the first version can be released by July.

With Slymetrix Analytics, every e-commerce company will have the easiest and most immediate solution to increase its performance and achieve the planned goals.

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