95% of E-Commerce companies are not ready to independently manage a Data Management platform.

The Agency must integrate Symetrix offer into an integrated solution, which adds a part of consulting to the technology for strategy and operational support.

In the Integrated Solution, the platform represents a 30/70% share.

slymetrix agency business model

Symetrix represents a platform for Digital Agencies, which support, a strategic and operational level, the B2C E-Commerce companies.

Slymetrix is sold to E-Commerce only through the Agency.

Agency decides the Symetrix sales policy, integrating it with its Digital Marketing support services.


Slymetrix agency has been designed to provide digital agencies with a new business tool to help them offer e-commerce customers new professional services, directly from the digital platform.


    Agencies can choose whether to offer their e-commerce customers access to the Traffic Data Management platform or just to the Data Analysis Dashboard.


    The agency can configure customer's users and its operatives in Slymetrix, assigning operational authorisations.


    With Slymetrix, agencies can use several of their project managers, who are then assigned to each individual e-commerce customer. The Project Manager can carry out all the activities of the e-commerce Digital Manager and, therefore, support or replace the same at any time and for any purpose.


    The agency can define weight values for each channel configured by the customer. In essence, the weighting process applies the conversion attribution algorithm to digital media channels.

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