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Slymetrix launches Analytics, the tool every e-commerce will need

Rome, March 2nd- Slymetrix was created within e-commerce with the aim of offering tools and knowledge to make it successful. If there is anything it does well, therefore, it is identifying the needs of this sector and working to meet them. 

And at a time like this, when e-commerce has become a fundamental channel for all production and distribution activities and there are over 12 million of them in the world, Slymetrix has seen that there is something that many of them do not do: they do not base their business on a programmatic basis. Even fewer of them formulate and update a marketing budget, which is essential because it highlights what is expected in terms of sales results and return on investment.

Without planning and strategy, business risks getting lost in the sea of online commerce. E-commerce businesses need tools that allow them to constantly monitor their performance, identify problems at an early stage and simulate improvements through marketing optimisation. 

In response to this need, Slymetrix has developed a product that has immediately attracted the attention of the industry: Slymetrix Analytics, an innovative tool for e-commerce that monitors the status of sales in real-time and relates them to planned objectives. A practical and smart tool, whose dashboards can be projected on office wall screens to keep track of performance at a glance at all times.



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